Automatic brooder - chambered

The automatic brooders are composed of independent setters and independent hatchers, either one-chamber or two-chamber. The cabinets are supplied as factory-assembled in any case. The cabinets require continuous water supply and connection to electrical 220V/50Hz one-phase mains. The hatcheries are designed to hatching tachnically the poultry. The setter capacity is loaded in stepwise manner, according to the breed of poultry, ane namely in one-third or one-quarter loads per one week. The configurations of hatcheries enable to set the eggs either once or twice a week, and in case of pheasant eggs, once in eight days or once in four days. When setting once a week the configuration ratio makes one setter to one hatcher. When setting twice a week, the configuration ratio of two setters to one hather in sufficient. The hatcheries are intended to be used in the rooms whose ceiling to floor heights makes at least 3 meters, with 45 to 75 % relative humidity and +100C to +280C temperature. Both the setters and the hatchers are to be situated in separated rooms. Necessary air exchange rate is represeted by 3 to 5 cubic meters with the setters and 8 to 12 cubic meters for the hatchers, per one hour and 1000 eggs.

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