Tubular feeder KT 30 Al


The KT-30 Feeder is designed for feeding chickens with a dry bulk or granulated feed mixture. It can also be used for laying hens to supplement the capacity of the mechanical feeder. The feeder is filled by hand or by a spill pipe from the conveyor under the stairs ceiling.
The main parts of the feeder are: a bowl, a tubus and a hat. The bowl forms a circular feed groove and its conical extension simultaneously is an element that directs the feeding of the feed to the groove circumference. The tube is height adjustable on the center screw. The center bolt has a hole for hanging the feeder.

    •    Maximum height: 690 mm
    •    Height of the tubus: 480 mm
    •    Height of the feed groove: 70 mm
    •    External diameter of the feeder: 420 mm
    •    Outer diameter of the tube: 286 mm
    •    Accessible feed groove width: 40 mm
    •    Useful content: 26 dm3
    •    Weight: 3,8 kg

The feeder can be hung up to the rearing ceiling, eg using a steel wire dia. 3.15 mm and adjust its height above the floor. This is not included, but can be ordered.


Set the correct distance of the tube from the bottom of the bowl. The lowest feed loss is 2-3 cm. Hang the feed according to the size of the poultry so that the top edge of the groove is about the height of the poultry back.
Cena bez DPH 1 165,- Kč
Cena vč. DPH 1 410,- Kč

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