Hand egg lamp LED


The power supply
    •    input 230V/50Hz
    •    output 3V/0,5A
LED diod

Instructions for use

The hand touch light is used to determine the status of the eggs deployed. Illumination is done in the dark room by attaching the spotlight to the egg. Switching on the light beacon is done after inserting the adapter into the 230V socket by turning on the switch on the back of the lamp.

The flashlight has three programs - blinking, half brightness and full brightness. Repeatedly press the switch to set the full intensity.

WARNING: Avoid direct viewing into the light of the lamp - DANGER OF DAMAGE DAMAGE! The eggs are examined for the first time after 5-7 days, removing unground eggs and eggs with dead germs. For the second time, it is advisable to shine before the eggs are transferred to the crate.

At first light, the unloaded egg is clear with a faint yolk shade and has no darker spots. In fermented eggs, the embryo can be seen as a small dark yellow yolk stain with a number of small blood vessels (so-called spider). When rotating with an egg, the live seed tries to slide from side to side, whereas the dead fetus stays at this stage usually in the same position and is generally surrounded by a bloody ring. During the second tour, the live fetus is noticeably moving. The dead fetus does not show any movement and the egg is rapidly cooled with it after removal from the hatchery.

The device must be supervised throughout its operation!


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