Brooder MONOPLAST 60

The brooder MONOPLAST 60 is determined to hatch the all sorts of chicken, pheasants and partridges. The capacity and construction is convenient not only for small poultry-farming but also for serviceable applicability in zoological gardens or breeder associations. The brooder is made of plastic with insulation properties. Itis provided with electric heating, automatic temperature control and tally lights. The brooder is connecte with the network, the voltage 220 V. The utility of the brooder MONOPLAST 60 consists in the low electric power consumption and in well-steady hatch process. The brooders are supplied assembled and tested.

Room temperature: 15 - 28 OC 


Diameter of hatchery: 500 mm
Height: 270 mm
System voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Input: 90 VA
Weight: 10 kg

Hatchery capacity:

hens: 60 pieces of eggs
ducks: 50 pieces of eggs
turkey-hens: 50 pieces of eggs
geese: 30-35 pieces of eggs
pheasants: 100 pieces of eggs
partridges: 140 pieces of eggs

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