Brooder MONO 50

The brooder MONO 50 is determinated to hatch the all sorts of chicken, pheasants, partridges, quails, parrots and also snakes. The brooder is made of plastic with insulation propreties. It is provided with elektric heating, ventilator and digital temperature control. The temperature is noted for the last 36 hours. The eggs in the hatcher are moved automatically every 3 hours by turning of the special segment.

Room temperature: 15 - 28 OC


Diameter of hatchery: 500 mm
Height: 300 mm
System voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Input: 96 VA
Weight: 6 kg

Brooder capacity:

hens: 48 pieces of eggs
ducks: 40 pieces of eggs
turkey-hens: 40 pieces of eggs
geese: 24 - 26 pieces of eggs
pheasants: 80 pieces of eggs
partridges: 110 pieces of eggs

Cena bez DPH 10 570,- Kč
Cena vč. DPH 12 790,- Kč

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