Automatic brooder BIOSKA W336

The case of the brooder is made of sandwich panels, and equipped with fully-glazed doors. Thus, continuous monitoring of the incubation process is enabled. The main part is created by the system of automatically tilted trays for pre-incubation while the post-incubation plastic trays are located in the lower part. The post-incubation capacity equals one-third of the pre-incubation part capacity.

Brooder capacity:

hens, ducks, turkey-hens: 336 pieces of eggs
geese: 144 pieces of eggs
pheasants: 600 pieces of eggs
partridges: 660 pieces of eggs
ostriches: 18 pieces of eggs


case width: 730mm
width including reservoir: 910mm
case height: 1740mm
case depth: 845mm
door leaf width: 720mm
weight: 85kg
input: 350VA
system voltage: 230V, 50Hz
humidification water consumption: cca 1,3L/den
room temperature: 12 - 28OC
room relative humidity: 30-70%
for ostriches up to 50%

Cena bez DPH 81 312,- Kč
Cena vč. DPH 98 388,- Kč

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